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  • To encourage and promote quality in the breeding of pure-bred Golden Retrievers and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection. 

  • To urge members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the American Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which the Golden Retriever should be judged.

  • To do all in its power to protect and advance the breed by encouraging sportsmanlike competition at dog shows, obedience and agility trials, field trials, and hunting tests.

  • To conduct sanctioned matches, dog shows, obedience and agility trials, field trials, and hunting tests under the Rules and Regulations of the American Kennel Club. 

  • For over twenty-five years, the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toledo has been at work to promote the furtherance and advancement of the Golden Retriever breed. Monthly meetings and various functions are held where members and their dogs work on promoting the natural qualities of the Golden. Meetings offer information on the breed, fun and activity, service functions, education, and help in many areas. All persons interested in Golden Retrievers are invited to attend. 

To view the official breed standard of the Golden Retriever, click here. Click to download an application for memberships in GRCGT as a Word or PDF file. Click to view the list of GRCGT Members or print as a PDF file.

Home: Testimonials
Home: Testimonials


Information about Golden Retrievers and about participation in events for Golden Retrievers, including Conformation Shows, Obedience Trials, Rally Trials, Agility Trials, and Field Trials, can be obtained from members of the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toledo and from the web site of the Golden Retriever Club of America. Events are sponsored by the American Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel Club, individual dogs club including GRCGT, and many independent dog organizations.

Every person considering the acquisition of a Golden Retriever should carefully review the excellent and very informative article provided by the Golden Retriever Club of America, reproduced here.

For information specifically about breeding practices and puppies, a list of GRCGT members who sometimes breed Golden Retrievers has been compiled (see below; click here to view the list). Please note that presence on this list does not imply any endorsement, recommendation, evaluation, or approval by the Club, or any statement of quality or potential of any puppies that are now available or may become available in the future.

Every person should use the GRCA guidelines in selecting a puppy or adult dog, with special attention to hip, elbow, cardiac, and eye test results for the parents. 

Rescue services (see below) are an excellent source of a Golden Retriever who is in need of rescue but who is likely to become, in an appropriate home, a great houshold companion. For information: contact Barb Gardner,


GRCGT does not at this time sustain a complete rescue service. 

Golden Retriever Rescue Resource (GRRR)
   P.O. Box 57, Waterville, Ohio 43566
   Email (preferred):   

   Phone: 1-888-980-1326

Golden Retriever Rescue of Michigan
   P.O. Box 214576, Auburn Hills, MI 48321-4576
   Email:    Phone: 888-814-9670 
   Note:  GRROM does not place goldens outside of Michigan.

Golden Retrievers In Need Rescue Service, Inc. (GRIN)
   P. O. Box 24365, Cleveland, OH 44124 
   Email:  Intake   Adoption

   Phone: 216-229-0295

Wood County Humane Society
   801 Van Camp Rd., Bowling Green, OH 43402

   Phone: 419-352-7339

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Are you interested in a Golden Retriever Puppy?  Consult members of the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toledo. Additional information and puppy referrals are available from the GRCA website.

For more information, contact:   Jan McQuillen,

   GRCGT breeder members - list of members who may have litters or provide stud service.


   For breeder information, go to

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